Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Georgian summer - Nana!

I like georgian films. I was searching for "four stories about love" on youtube, and found this

ტარარარარარა რარიიიიი რარირარარარირარა
ნანანანანანააააა ნანანანინანანანააააააააააააა
A film by Veit Helmer and students of the Tbilisi "filmschools"
Wow, there are several filmschools in Tbilisi!
May be that is the reason why Georgian cinema is so good!
I like this film very much, it's a pity that titles hard to read :) naranaranaranra pam
Nanananana na-na-na-na Nanananaa...
ნანანანანა ნა-ნა-ნა-ნა ნანანანანა ...

Besides, about four stories. I would like to know if anyone has them. I was searching for the film in Georgia but it seems it is not produced on dvd's (yet?). To remind you which film I am talking about, do you remember something like girl hepl who helps boy, who tries to answer lesson, and reads Mcyri, by showing him different things. Or how another girl drawn a circle and said a boy to stay there, as a joke, and then forgot about him. He stayed, despite of the fact that his brother was offended, near him, and there started rain, and she found him only in the morning: wet, and still inside the circle...
նա-նա նա-նա նա-նա նա-նա նա-նա նա-նա նա-նա նա-նա նա-նա նա-նա ;)
Nananananananannana nananananana - nananananannanana
tarariri tarararam tarariririaruru rarariri rararara nananana naninanaanianananana
taryam papam papam papam tarariri rira riaaaaa
ტარარირი ტარარირი რარირურა ნანანინანანანა
ტარჯამ პაპამ პაპამ ტარარირი რირარიაა რარირარა რამ პარამ პარამ რარირა
նանինա նի նա նի նա նա
nararararararraraaa aaaaaaaaaam

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