Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Oberon compiler for StrongARM and new Oberon report

Wirth have been written new Oberon compiler for StrongARM and new Oberon language report.
In this revision, language have been changed (again).
It is simplified, but in the same time, became more flexible.
Notable changes: now you can declare dynamic arrays with ARRAY 0 OF, which means, in Oberon, as in Oberon-2, is posible to use dynamic arrays without low level SYSTEM module usage. That also means, that it is possible to allocate arrays with zero length, which was forbidden in most previous Oberon compilers before. To be precise, it was allowed in ooc. OP2 based compilers do not accept zero initialized open arrays. I personally find them very useful. Read only export also added to Oberon language 2007. To find more, see Wirth's recent papers at his homepage
An Oberon compiler for ARM processor
The Programming Language Oberon revised for Strong-Arm

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